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I am so excited you are here on my USANAILS.CLUB website and I can't wait to share with you a litte bit about me and my USANAILS.CLUB dream...


My name is a Rosemary Mancini and USANAILS.CLUB is a corporation that subcontracts out nail technicians with all the supplies to various salons, bringing the nail shop back into the salons - making it full service again.  We supply the booth layout, product, marketing materials and the nail tech!  How awesome is that! 


I am second generation Italian and  I grew up in an all American family with the white picket fence and all. My mother was a stay at home mom and my father was a carpenter, both loving, courageous and very hard workers. This is where I get my work ethic from - as the white picket fence didn't just appear, we had to work hard to maintain and keep it. 

"Work hard, play hard", that's my motto. I have over 40 years of experience in the health and beauty industry and I love it.  I have taught nail care all over the world and was the first person to invent and apply acrylic colored powder.


My work was featured in Nail Magazine and I was very honored. I developed a fast and easy Brush Away Patented Technique that will allow anyone to apply a perfect New French Manicure to their natural nails - I am proud to say I am the US Patent holder for this kit  (#6656484) and am looking forward to the future of creating more items to better the health and beauty industry.


I was fortunate enough to sponsor a beauty pageant for the country of Mexico and let me tell you, it was hard work and very rewarding in the end.  My passion is in health & beauty & fashion and I have developed and designed and manufactured many products to fit in this category and better our health and our beauty ... and I won't stop until the fat lady sings!  



Here are just a few of the products and services I have developed & designed:


Fast and easy French Manicure application for your natural nails.


Get creative with over 350 charms, spacers, and beads.


Great relief from pain. Made with organic herbs and guaranteed for five years.


Custom-made bathing suit cover-ups and dresses.


Nail Service Membership based business with products made in America and services provided by Americans.



Things I fell in love with and wanted to share with America!


Works with your own frequency.


Electrolytic Cleaning System.


I am 66 years old and living the American dream!  I would love to pass on my knowledge and products to you. If anyone would like to personally speak with me don't hesitate to send me an email ( and we can correspond.


From the heart,

Rosemary Mancini 















        The Vision!

I am so excited you are here on my USANAILS.CLUB website and I can't wait to share with you a litte bit about me and my vision...

I have taught nail care all over the world and am a US Patent holder and am looking forward to the future of my new baby USANAILS.CLUB.

The vision is to reach out to salons that don't already have a nail tech in place and put in one of my licensed nail technician to service all their customers as well as bring in more business for them from my client data base.   The salon does not have any overhead or supplies to carry as we bring it all to their shop.  It's a win win for everybody!

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Located at Magic Nail & Hair Salon  603 South Del Prado  Unit E 

Cape Coral, FL 33990 

Across from Caloosa Middle School. Unit E entrance faces Del Prado.

Next to El Pato Peruvian Restaurant

Email:    Phone: 941-706-6278     Website: