New Home French Manicure Kit

4 Easy Steps

Apply 2 coats (one coat at a time) of Oulala bebe French Polish to tip of all 10 nails. Use vertical lines. Do not paint across nail. The french polish line can be short or long depending on the french look that you desire. Polish dries within 10 seconds.

  • a) Paint polish on right side of nail tip.

  • b) Paint polish on left side of nail tip.

  • c) Paint short line on center of nail tip.

  • d) Now you have completed step 1.

Step 1

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Step 2

  • a) Dip "Ou La La Be Be Perfect French Brush" into "Ou La La Be Be Brush Away Shaping Corrector". Place Ou La La Be Be brush on the middle of the nail then "Brush Away" from side to side in a windshield wiping motion.

  • b) This will remove some of the French Polish leaving you a curve line of demarcation, and thus creating "The Perfect French Curve".

Step 3

  • a) Paint one coat of Ou La La Be Be "Sheer" or "Twilight" Overlay Polish on the entire nail.

  • Polish dries in 10 seconds.

Step 4

  • a) Paint one or two coats of Ou la La Be Be Quick Dry Top Coat over entire nail.Top coat dries in 10 seconds to a high gloss finish.

  • Now that you have completed your Ou La La Be Be French Manicure ( Brush Away Technique) "LET YOUR NAILS DO THE TALKING"


  • Shake Ou La La Be Be polish well before using.

  • Start polish application from pinky to thumb (do all ten nails). You do not have to wait between applications to apply next coat.

  • When you finish Step 2 you may notice a white film on the nail. This is due to the change in temperature. This film will disappear when you apply the sheer coat or twilight polish.

  • To keep your French Manicure fresh and beautiful, use topcoat & dryer once a day.

  • Refrigerate polish to prevent it from thickening over time.

See our Video!    |      4 Easy Steps    |     View Kits     |    Ingredients