Ou La La Be Be Brush Away Shaping Corrector is the Perfect Curve Corrector. Non acetone safe for natural and artificial nails containing Vitamins B3 and B5. It also contains Calcium, Aloe Vera, Collagen, and much more which allows moisture and flexibility resulting in a healthier nail bed.

Dip your brush into the Shaping Corrector. “The Brush” will form to the shape of a “Perfect Curve” when you press it down on the nail bed. Once you see the “Perfect Curve” form of the Brush begin to “Brush Away” from side to side (in a windshield wiping motion) then “Forward and Upward” correcting as you go, stop when you have the desired thickness or thinness.

Wipe your brush before replacing in “Brush Away Shaping Corrector” and repeat (see 4 Easy Steps at http://www.newfrenchmanicure.com).

Here is a helpful hint, practice your French on your toes to get the windshield wiping motion smooth. “FAST AND EASY PERFECT CURVE FIRST TIME EVERYTIME”

Brush Away Shaping Corrector 1.17oz

402 - Brush Away

Brush Away Shaping Corrector

SKU: 402
  • Our fast and easy Brush Away Patented Technique will allow anyone to apply a perfect New French Manicure to their natural fingernails. Each Home Kit has only 4 Easy Steps to great nails. 

    See our Video at newfrenchmanicure.com!