White French Tip polish with Twilight white sheer overlay.  Twilight can be used on the French tip or over the entire nail.  This is great for weddings, parties and any special occasions.  It adds that exta little highlight to your french manicure.
The French White Kit contains:


White French Tip Polish	  .43oz
Twilight White Sheer Overlay	  .43oz
Quick Dry Top Coat	  .43oz
Brush Away Shaping Corrector	1.17oz
The Perfect French Manicure Brush
Patented Technique

French White Kit

SKU: 103
  • Our fast and easy Brush Away Patented Technique will allow anyone to apply a perfect New French Manicure to their natural fingernails. Each Home Kit has only 4 Easy Steps to great nails. 

    See our Video at newfrenchmanicure.com!

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