White Tip French polish with a sheer pink overlay.  This is great for everyday wear.  Sophisticated, timeless, in a class by itself.  Looks like you just stepped out of a manicure chair.

The 101 French Pink Home Kit will do over 200 French Manicures/Pedicures and contains: 

White French Tip Polish	  .43oz
Sheer Pink Overlay	  .43oz
Quick Dry Top Coat	  .43oz
Brush Away Shaping Corrector	1.17oz
The Perfect French Manicure Brush
Patented Technique

French Pink Kit

SKU: 101
  • Our fast and easy Brush Away Patented Technique will allow anyone to apply a perfect New French Manicure to their natural fingernails. Each Home Kit has only 4 Easy Steps to great nails. 

    See our Video at newfrenchmanicure.com!